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Controtek Global is established by Thulaseedharan TK, the most recognized and a pioneer of Valve Industry in India. He, a Mechanical Engineer, had established Valve Industry four decades ago in Ahmedabad, India. His technical expertise was recognized by many leaders in the respective field as well as Valve users. His technical articles were published by many leading Industrial publications in India and also in a special edition of Economic Times featuring Industrial Valve Industry and its vital role in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries.

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Thulaseedharan played a vital role to substitute Valves for critical applications which were imported from advanced countries. He designed and manufactured such critical Valves at his facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat a well-established Industrial State in India. As the demand for Quality Valves was growing, Technology was updating very fast, Thulaseedharan ventured into gathering technically qualified and experienced technicians under his leadership to meet any type of challenge in Valve Industry to meet the current requirement of Quality and Reliable Valves for any applications across the Globe.

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Ball Valve Manufacturer

Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Oil & Gas

Ball Valves for Petrochemical and oil refineries

Petrochemical & Oil Refineries

Pneumatic Ball Valve, Valves for Fertilizer and chemical industry

Fertilizer & Chemical

Stainless Steel Ball Valve, Valves manufacturer for Food dairy process

Food & Dairy Process

Electric Actuated Ball Valve, Ball valves manufacturer for drugs and pharmaceutical

Drugs & Pharmaceutical

Butterfly Valve in India, Valves manufacturer for sugar mills and distilleries

Sugar Mills & Distilleries

Viton Lined Butterfly Valve, Industrial Valves manufacturer for desalination water treatment plants

Desalination & Water Treatment Plants

EPDM Lined Butterfly Valve, Industrial Valves for steel mining

Steel & Mining

Pneumatic Butterfly Valve, Valves for Power pulp and paper industry

Power, Pulp & Paper

Electric Actuated Butterfly Valves

Utility Service

Metal Seated Butterfly Valve

OEM Manufacturers

Valves Manufacturing Facilities

To innovate day to day for making our customer's life simple. And whenever they want to control the flow, they remember the brand CONTROTEK

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Our mission is to provide our valued customers best quality products through continuous research & development and incorporating latest tech available.

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Quality Assurance

We believe in TQM, the Total Quality Management system is the most critical activity for any manufacturing unit.

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