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Y Strainer Manufacturer

"Controtek - Y type and Basket type Strainer Manufacturers"

CONTROTEK 'Y' type and Basket type Strainers are manufactured with advanced technology in the field of filtering equipments and elements. Strainers are having a major and critical role in all process industries. Both Y type strainer and Basket type Strainers are used to filter out waste and solids from the piping system. Filter elements made out of Wire Mesh and its gauges are selected based on the specific requirement of application.

Filter elements prepared from different gauges of wire mesh are supported with sufficiently strong tubes made out of perforated sheets to prevent collapse and wash away of the filter element. Filter elements are fitted on properly machined surface on both ends to prevent any passing of the fluid in between the seat area of the body without filtering.

basket strainer manufacturer Basket Strainer 2500 Class
basket strainer manufacturer in ahmedabad, india Basket Strainer 2500 Class
Third Party Inspection

CONTROTEK Strainers are maintaining a minimum flow area of 300% to 400% considering the nominal bore area. Thus CONTROTEK assure sufficient flow area both on suction and delivery ends. All Strainers are provided with drain plugs to flush out solids deposited in the filter element. Drain Valves are provided on customer demand for easy cleaning on stream, if the fluid is not hazardous.

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Salient Features of Strainer
  • Noiseless filtration and flow
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Easy Installation in Any Direction
  • Easy drain out of solids and other waste
  • Assured full flow across the Strainer
basket strainer manufacturer in india

Technical Specification of Strainer

Size Range 15 NB through 900 NB
Pressure Rating 150# through 2500#
Design Y Type & Basket Type
Testing API 598
Certification Third Party, Customer, Manufacturer QC
NDT Customer requirement
Construction CAST up to 300 NB, Fabricated in Larger Sizes
End Connection Threaded, SW, BW, Flanged
Filter Element SS 304/316 or any other material as per customer demand
MOC Iron, Carbon & Carbon Alloy Steel: Nodular Iron, Carbon Steel, Low Temperature Steel, High Temperature Carbon-Alloy Steel etc.
Stainless, Duplex and Nickel Alloy Steels: Duplex and Super Duplex Steel of all Grades, Austenitic Stainless Steel of all Grades, Hastelloy and other high Nickel Alloys. Refer MOC Chart