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"Controtek - PFA Teflon Lined Valve Manufacturers"

CONTROTEK is one of the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of premium quality PFA/ FEP (Teflon) Lined Valves. Teflon lined Valves are developed to handle highly corrosive fluids. PFA/FEP lined Valves are the most economical compared to costly alloys like Nickel-Moly-Chrome materials. Generally PFA/ FEP (Teflon) Lining is being done in SG Iron or Carbon Steel Bodies, which are very economical compared to costly Nickel-Moly alloy materials.

PFA/FEP Lined Valves are used in the Drugs & Pharmaceutical Industries, Food Process Industries, Dairy Industries, Petro-chemical Industries and almost all Process Industries. Wide range of Valves are covered under this category. Kindly refer the Product range list below:

pfa teflon lined valve manufacturer
Special Features
  1. All lined portions are subject to High Voltage Spark test at 15 KV DC
  2. Virgin Lining material used like FEP/PFA
  3. Lining thickness: 3.00 to 4.00 MM minimum
  4. Heat Resistance: 250°C for PFA 160°C for FEP
  5. Excellent corrosion resistance to almost all chemicals
  6. Maintenance free / Long Service Cycle and Life
  7. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Test on 100% quantity ensures trouble-free service
Product Range
  1. Ball Valves from 15NB through 200NB
  2. Butterfly Valves from 40 NB through 400 NB
  3. Plug Valves from  25 NB through 150 NB
  4. Diaphragm Valves from 15 NB through 200 NB
  5. Ball Check Valves from 15 NB through 150 NB
  6. Sight Glass from 15 NB through 150 NB
  7. Straight Pipe from 25 NB through 300 NB x 3000 MM Length, Schedule 40
  8. Elbow 90° and 45° from 25 NB through 300 NB Schh.40
  9. Equal & Reducing Tee from 25 NB through 300 NB
  10. Flanges from 50 NB through 300 NB
Body Material
  1. Nodular Iron (SG Iron) and Fabricated from Carbon Steel Pipes for larger sizes
  2. Cast Carbon Steel
  3. Cast Low Temperature Steel
  4. Stainless Steel of all Grades
  5. Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel
  6. High Nickel-Chrome-Moly, Alloy Steels
  7. Refer MOC Chart